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metal free
dental implants

BIOPIK® for dental work

Aesthetic Mimetic

BIOPIK® is ivory in color, making the implants invisible under the gums.

Flexibility - Freedom

The abutment can be cut in the mouth using a drill, without increasing the temperature and without vibrations. The slight flexibility of BIOPIK® transforms all gentle forces applied to it into bone stimulating energy, making it what is known as an immediate load implant. Any type of alloy or material can be used without risk of corrosion, potentially toxic ion release or micro-fractures

Endurance - Strength

Complies with standards NF EN ISO 14801 of January 2008 and NF S 91-163 of December 2000; Biofonctionality of dental implants, BIOPIK® implants do not break or crack even after 3,000,000 cycles

Integration - Simplicity

The bone response observed is similar to that of a graft.

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  • BIOPIK® for dental work